Mechanical Keyboards

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Obligatory it has been a long time since my last blog post, but that was to expect, since I am normally not a big writer.

This Post is mainly an Opportunity to test my new Mechanical Keyboard. I just got a Logitech G610 Orion Brown Keyboard, and so far, I am quiet impressed. The type-feeling is really good, I really like the mechanical Click, each Key makes. But I really have to get better in error-free typing, I am still making a lot of mistakes.

In the recent weeks, the desire for a mechanical Keyboard became quiet intense, since I went to a few Lans and saw ppl there using those keyboards, and also the Hype online. There are some, that take it to an entire new level, like the folks over at /r/mechanicalkeyboards, but I am not looking to build my own Keyboard.

Now, let me say a few Words about the G610 itself.

Fist of all, the typefeeling is really great, since I have the Cherry MX Brown switches, and also it has the (for me) required features of the Mediacontrol, like a Play and Pause Button.

Now, the Mediabuttons, are just Keys, that move very minimal and dont feel that good, in Comparison to the ones on the old G510. Those had some real feeling to it, you had to press them, and they moved, if you did so.

Also the G610 is very high, at least compared to my old keyboard. Not sure about this yet, might only be something, you have to get used to, but maybe thís will make typing more "work", since you have to hold the Hand higher.

Other than that, I really think this was a good investment. But time will have to tell, what it really brings. Will test the Keyboard now for two weeks, and see, if I keep it. But I am quiet confident in this.

Also I am in the Process of moving everything onto my server, away from uberspace. I am sorry uberspace, but I really need the freedom of having root access to my server. You do your best, to give as many options as possible, but having a full server with the softwarestack, that I am already used to, is something I really want.

The server is hosted at netcup, who really made an awesome offer, a full vserver with 50GB HDD(I dont really care about the performance), for less than what uberspace costs.