About me

Who am I?

Hi, I am Medowar, an IT System Engineer and a Passionate Gamer.
I do some Website stuff and Server hosting in my freetime. I also like to play games.

What have I done?

I´ve been playing Dota 2 since 2011 and even started with Dota 1 somewhat around 2006, although there was a break between both games.
I was involved in a number of Dota 2 related Projects, the most successfull ones are featured under Projets. I also write on my blog very occasionally.


Projects, that I am involved in or was part of.

d2modd.in screenshot


D2moddin was a custom games Plattform designed to bring Custom Games to Dota.
Total Different Players: 170.000 // Avg Players Online: 1000 // Peak Players Online: 1700
Project Finished, after Valve implemented custom games into the main client.

Paralins Blogpost My Blogpost

yasp.co screenshot


Yasp(Yet Another Stats Page) provides advanced Statistics for Dota 2 Players.
Yasp is free and open source.
Project live, but I am not involved in it anymore.


germangang logo


The Germangang is a german multigaming Community since 2006, I joined in 2009.
I was running a very successfull Team Fortess 2 server there and still am the main Server admin.

germangang.com TF2 Mario Kart server


Archiveteam is a loose collective, dedicated to preserving the web for future generations.

Jason Scotts Defcon Talk Archiveteam

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Feel free to email me, or tweet me a message!